This website has been set up to campaign against the "50 Shades of Grey" book series.  These books have been portrayed as a erotic fiction and have gained total acceptability throughout popular culture.  As campaigners, workers, women who have experienced domestic abuse and preventers of violence against women, we stand up to say these books are not erotic fiction, but the full reality of domestic abuse.  Putting the series as erotic fiction gives it credibility that it does not deserve.  These books portray sexual, emotional, physical and psychological violence and abuse as not only normal, but as something to aspire to.  As people committed to the eradication of violence against women we reject the normalising of abuse these books are perpetuating and we call you to join us.

Join us in fighting back!

You can download a book cover here which you can print and place in the shops where you find them.  Please take pictures/videos of books you have covered and post them on twitter and/or facebook and email them to us and we will upload them to our website photo album.

We can make a difference and raise awareness that abuse is not love.  We can do this!  Join us!